Our towns and cities are changing rapidly with technology and will transform how we live, work and travel in the decades ahead. They present huge opportunities for cities, citizens and businesses – not least, telecom operators who have a significant role to play.

While work is gaining momentum the world over, challenges remain as various parties look to carve out space within smart cities, seek out ROI and jostle for lead position. This conference will explore the various roles within and routes to making our towns and cities more digitally enabled. It will include success stories and frank discussions with telecom operators, vendors and public sector bodies, discussing how they have made their city based projects work and how they solved issues such as security, effective collaboration, developing a coherent strategy and making digital cities work financially, as well as the obstacles that still need to be overcome. This event will be an opportunity to meet and network with senior people in the telco and smart cities space who will be meeting to learn and gain insights.



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